ATTN: Your old 'Polly Pocket' could be worth over $2,000 now


BRB we're off to find our old Polly Pockets!

If you grew up with your parents always getting annoyed after finding little peices of clothing around the house, no doubt you loved your Polly Pocket. Lately they've been making a comeback too with an actual 'Polly Pocket' purse and makeup palette but nothing can beat the original....especially when you find out you could make some serious  $$$ off them.

 According to the Sun, two limited edition Disney Polly Pockets just sold for nearly $2,500.

So if you've gome some toys lying around at your parents house that look like this:

Then you need to go home ASAP and get those on TradeMe and make over $2,000!

Plus even if you don't have the limited edition Polly Pocket above, you should still go hunt our your old Polly because whether it's because they're making a comeback, or just because kids are realising Polly Pockets are where it's at, Ebay show's there's money to be made off all your Polly Pocket merch.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan.