Ashy Bines is being called out for scamming customers (again)

scandal 10/01/2018

Straight of the back of being sued for $150,000, Ashy Bines is back in hot water after more complaints from her customers.

More than 17,000 people have joined the 'Ashy Bines Company Truths' Insta account with the hope of bringing Ashy Bines to justice after many had said they had money automatically taken out of their account for programs that didn't exist anymore.

7 News spoke to one of those in the group, Michelle Denham, who said:

Payments started coming out of my account and I was curious to why because it was a one-off payment so contacted them via email several times and never heard back

I then wrote on their Facebook page and I was told the questions I was asking were inappropriate on their page and was blocked by them

Michelle said she had to take legal action before her complaint was looked into but she's not alone. has also had more than eight customers contact them about money being automatically taken out of their accounts by Ashy Bines.

A Christchurch woman has also spoke to Stuff saying it took months for her to access an app that was charging her $20 a month that she couldn't open. It was only when she threatened legal action that he got a refund but she knows other woman who "are either still waiting for their refunds or unaware they no longer have access.

A rep from Ashy Bines has commented on the claims saying they only reflect a 'very small percentage' of their customers:

Out of the hundreds of thousands of happy and long term customers, sometimes the loudest are a very small percentage that may not be happy with the service or those that have not read the Terms and Conditions when signing up/purchasing