Are you with the best or worst mobile company in NZ?


If you're wondering if it's time to switch up which mobile company you're with, this might be able to help.

The latest Consumer NZ survey is here and if you're with Vodafone, we've got some bad news.

The survey found that not only did they have the lowest mobile satisfaction score of 48% but they also came in last for broadband services too. While talking with The Herald, Consumer New Zealand chief executive, Sue Chetwin, said:

Vodafone was the only provider that rated below-average on all our performance measures – from customer support to value for money,

Vodafone wasn't alone though, Spark also scored themselves a low mobile satisfaction score of 49% coming in below average overall in the Survey.

But on the flipside, Consumer New Zealand found which companies customers were most happy with and in first place was.....Skinny!

Sue said "Smaller providers returned better results than the big guys" and she wasn't kidding. Skinny scored themselves a satisfaction score of 75% and in second place was 2degrees after getting 61%.