ALERT: Cheap asf flights to Europe have just gone on sale

trending 15/01/2018

If you're aleady in need of another holiday (even though it's literally your first week back at work) then you've come to the right place!

It never gets any easier having to go back to work after going on holiday but what definitely does help is knowing you've got another holiday coming up and what better place to go on holiday than Europe?

Online travel agency Mix & Match has just announced return flights to Europe for only $999, we repeat, only $999 plus they've also announced return flights to London for $1,199.

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"By offering a range of fares from airlines including those that are lesser known in the New Zealand market, Mix & Match provides Kiwis with more choice on where, when and with who they wish to fly" - Tim Paulsen, House of Travel's e-commerce and digital channels director. 

You'll be making your way over to Europe on a one stop flight, flying Air China, which leaves from Auckland, stops in Beijing before arriving in Zurrich. The deal only runs between 08-31 of May 2018 so make sure to put your leave in now but if you're wanting to head to London instead, you've got a little more time to prep your trip. 

The deal for flights to London plus other destinations is running between the the 8th till the 31st of May and then again from the 18th of October till the 25 of November.

So what are you waiting for? go book yourself a holiday, you deserve it!