Stage Challenge has been cancelled so RIP to our fav school memory

scandal 16/01/2018


Whether it was just because you wanted to skip class or because you wanted to keep your school tradition going, Stage Challenge was a massive part of everyone's school life. That's all set to change this year though...

After 25 years, organisers have announced they've had to cancel Stage Challenge and J Rock. While talking with The Herald, Lester Taylor, Chairman of the Stage Challenge Foundation, said the reason they've had to say goodbye to the iconic NZ event is simply because they can't afford to cover the costs involved with running the shows.

The current economic conditions would make it extremely difficult for the corporate sector to sponsor the event.

Each year around 200 schools, 16,000 students and 25,000 audience members are involved in Stage Challenge and Lester says that's something to be proud of:

We are proud and honoured to have had more than 500,000 students benefit from the opportunities provided by their participation during this time.

As you can imagine we're not the only ones feeling just a little heartbroken by this news with some posting on Twitter to show their reaction: