'13 Reasons Why' Star arrested for stealing from elderly people

scandal 10/01/2018

Even though we can't wait for season 2 of '13 Reasons Why' there's one character we're hoping isn't making a return. 

Think back to Justin and Bryce's friends that followed them around everywhere and you might remember Bryan Box who played the minor role of 'Jamie Garrison'.

Bryan has just been charged with nine felony counts from when he was working as an elderly caretaker, before his role in 13 Reasons why.

The counts include burglaries, stealing and attempting to sell items like cheques, laptops, and medications etc. One of the burglaries Bryan's being charged for totalled $50,000 in missing items...WTF!?

Bryan was arrested just before the new year on December 29th but was later released on a $250,000 bail. He's expected to face court later next week on Jan 16th.