There's a shortage of male strippers in NZ

scandal 15/12/2017

Males: here's your new summer job.

Demand for male strippers has increased in the warmer months. 

Christian Newman, an Auckland-based accountant who runs Strip of Meat, a company offering a range of nude and semi-nude male entertainment services across New Zealand, says while demand has only increased in the decade since he founded the company, finding the right men for the job continues to be a struggle. 

Demand for Strip of Meat's packages, which includes topless waiters, life drawing models, and strippers, has increased 33 per cent from last year, Newman says. In summer, Strip of Meat has about 30 bookings across New Zealand every Saturday.

'We've got the demand from customers," Newman says.

"But we just don't have the guys."

The men are casual contractors, who are paid upwards of $50 an hour, plus transport costs if the distance travelled is more than 10km. His contractors have been known to make around $600 for only a few hours' work. 

Soooo guys, get that bod ready and you could be rolling in it!