The best age gap for a long lasting relationship

trending 04/12/2017

Want to be with your special person for the rest of your life? Well apparently you need to look at the age gap between you both...

A new study from the Emory University in Atlanta has found the difference in age can be the difference between sticking it out and getting a divorce. The study found that a large age gap can increase the chances of divorce. 

Five years difference can mean you're 18% more likely to divorce, 39% with a 10 year age gap and 95% if there's a 20 year age gap. 

So what's the best age gap then? The study found that an age gap of just 1 year is the most idea with chances of divorce dropping to just 3%.

If you've been with your partner for 10 years and your reading this like "*t" it's not all bad news. The study also found that if you and your person stick it out for 2 years you're 43% less likely to split and after 10 years you're 94% less likely to divorce!