Snapchat now lets you make your own lenses to keep those streaks alive

scandal 15/12/2017

How cool is this!?

Snapchat has been apart of our lives for a while now, and if you were able to look back at our stories, you'd be able to see how much we love those filters/lenses.

Whether it's the dog face filter, or the dancing hotdog, but now we're going to get something even better...

Why? because we can make our own custom lenses!

This week Snapchat introduced a new feature called 'Lens Studio'. The free to download program works on your computer and don't worry if you're a beginner like us when it comes to animation, you'll get to learn a few different tutorials teaching you the ropes.

Once your lense is finished you'll be given a Snapcode that you can share with anyone to use your lense.

How else is keen to try this??