Regularly going to concerts makes you happier according to science

trending 15/12/2017

Here's another reason to book those concert tickets.

If you're constantly stuggling with the dilemma 'I want to save money buuuut I also want to go to another concert this year' we've found out that even though only having $4 in your account probably insn't the best for your health, going to concerts is!

After talking with 1000 people, a new Australian study has found the that people who regularly attend concerts are happier than those who don't.

The study, which says it "explores the connection between habitual music engagement and subjective wellbeing," found that it wasn't necessarily listening to your fav artists that makes you happier (even though it definitely does help) but instead the communal element that contributes more. 

So if you're tossing up whether to go to that Taylor Swift or Halsey concert, you 100% should!