Kmart has a birthday outfit for your pet and our hearts can't deal

trending 08/01/2018

How cute is this!?

There's only one birthday, other than our own ofcourse, that we count down the days till each year, and no sorry mum, it's not yours...

It's our pets! 

Even though we don't have the funds right now to spend over $1900 on presents for our pet like this lady did over Christmas for her dog, that doesn't mean we don't make spoil our pet on their big day and now there's a special outfit just for them to wear!  


Kmart has stolen our hearts again with this new outfit so brb while we go get some ourselves. you can get the shirt instores now plus the hat for only $4! (and tbh that's our favourite bit of the outfit).

We're pretty certain we'll be trying to make our pets wear this atleast 4 times a day....