Joanna from Love actually is now 25 and looks as beautiful as ever

trending 18/12/2017

Yeah, Sam would definitely still be in love with her.

It's the time of the year that Michael Bublé comes out of hibernation and Love Actually becomes everyone's go to movie for the 13th year in a row, wait...13 years!? 

That's right, Love Actually came out 13 years ago and if that doesn't make you feel old asf, then finding out that Joanna is now 25 years old definitely will.

If you haven't got around to watching one of the best Christmas movies ever yet, Joanna was the girl Sam feel in love with: 

Joanna, played by Olivia Olson, was only 11 when she smashed out that perf cover of Mariah's 'All I Want For Christmas' during that school production,  but now she's all grown up! 

Since Love Actually, Olivia's worked on Show's like Adventure Time and Phineas and Ferb plus fun fact, she's the voice of the new fourth Powerpuff Girl!