Gin-Filled Baubles are here to help you through that family Christmas

Let's all face it, sometimes Christmas can be hard asf to get through with all your family together in one room...

Whether it's because Dad and Uncle Jim are arguing about who was the better child, or you're just sick of being told how cute you use to be as a baby, Christmas isn't always as joyful as it's made out to be. 

But luckily now there's something to help you through the special day, and it can live right there on your Christmas tree. Introducing...Gin Filled Baubles!

Pickering's Gin has seen the potential of the classic Christmas bauble and thought "hey, we could fill that with something" and fill it they did. 

Even though these aren't as cheap as the decorations you've already bought from K-Mart, they're still just as popular. Last year when Pickering's first released their baubles, their site crashed with over 30,000 baubles being sold in 82 seconds which, if you do some quick maths, it's a lot of baubles.

Pickering's Gin Baubles are on sale now for just under $60 so what are you waiting for? better be quick to get them in time for Christmas!