Gaz is officially leaving Geordie Shore

Sad news ahead! Gaz Beadle has revealed that he's leaving Geordie Shore as he gets ready to become a dad with girlfriend Emma McVey.

Chatting to MTV, Gaz had a chat about what he'll miss the most and what's in store in the future for him.

First though, Gaz sat down to explain exactly why he’s decided to say goodbye to the Geordie gaff, telling MTV: “After 15 seasons of Geordie Shore, obviously I have decided to leave. I cannot be on Geordie Shore and be a dad at the same time.

"I’ve done Geordie Shore, I’ve done everything I could possibly imagine doing on Geordie Shore and now I’m just ready for that next chapter in my life and to be honest with you, I cannot wait.”

Gaz spoke about his highs and lows. He said: “There was one point, we were in Cancun. None of the cast were talking to us. I had to get a taxi to the club separately to everyone else, I had my own little table with my own little drinks. Nobody was speaking to us, that was definitely a low.”

Looking forward, Gaz explained that he’s excited about taking on new challenges in his life, especially the challenge of being a dad, revealing: “I’m just buzzing to be a dad. I think I’ve done Geordie Shore for so long it wasn’t really a challenge anymore, my life just got repetitive, so becoming a dad is a whole different world for me but d’ya know what it is? I can’t wait for the challenge.”

He added another exciting event he’s looking forward to, admitting: “I haven’t had a birthday since I was 22 in real life, it’s always been in the Geordie Shore house so I can’t wait till this birthday, so I can do what I want, where I want, invite who I want. This is my first birthday not in the Geordie Shore house so I can’t wait.”

Good luck with everything, Gaz!