Female The Voice contestant responds to rape allegations

scandal 06/12/2017

Former The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez has spoken out after being accused of raping singer Timothy Heller.

The Voice contestant tweeted the following statement:

"I am horrified and saddened by the statements and story told tonight by Timothy Heller," the season three competitor wrote.

Martinez then went into the history of her former friendship with Heller.

"What she and I shared was a close friendship for a period of time," she continued.

"We came into each other's lives as we were both starting our careers as artists, and we tried to help each other. We both had pain in dealing with our individual demons and the new paths we were forging, but I truly felt we were trying to lift each other up."

She also stated, "She never said no to what we chose to do together. And although we parted ways, I am sending her love and light always."

Heller tweeted about Martinez accusing her:

"When I wrote this story about my assault, I initially wasn't going to make the abuser," she wrote. "But I think it's important for you all to know this is about Melanie Martinez."

In her accusation, Heller wrote she "kept this secret for years." She also referred to Martinez as her "best friend" and said she "loved" her.

"It's hard to say someone you loved raped you," she wrote at one point. "Someone you STILL love. The thought of writing this and having the world see it terrifies me. Especially because of who this person is." 

"And my life began to revolve around hers," she wrote. "I had my own problems, but if I could focus on her life, I could put off dealing with my own inner turmoil for just a bit longer." 

One night, according to the accusation, Martinez started asking Heller about her sexual preferences. She then allegedly asked Heller if they could have sex.

"While being incredibly uncomfortable by this offer, I attempted to laugh it off," Heller wrote. "I had a boyfriend at this time, and she knew that. ‘He doesn't have know, it's not a big deal!'" It went on for hours. Asking me WHY I didn't want to, that it would be fun. I repeatedly said no."

Heller said the two friends never discussed that night and eventually grew apart. 

Read Heller's full story via the following tweet: