Don't fall for this Air New Zealand free flight scam on Facebook

Sometimes things really are to good to be true.

There's one thing we all want after going on holiday and that's another holiday right away. So ofcourse if you see 'Air New Zealand's Giving away free flights!' you're going to be clicking on that link faster than you opened your Christmas presents but Air New Zealand really don't want you doing that.

That's because, as much as we want it to be real, unfortunately it's a new scam doing the rounds on Facebook.

The message, which circulated online on Sunday, asks Facebook users to take part in a short survey in exchange for two free Air New Zealand tickets.

On Sunday night, the airline released a statement on Facebook saying it was aware of the scam.

This message is not from Air New Zealand and we advise anyone who receives this, not to engage


The scam website, so you can avoid it, is On Facebook it appears with a picture of a black Air New Zealand plane bearing a silver fern.

SOURCE: Newshub.