Demi Lovato's latest outfit is one of the weirdest we've seen

scandal 19/12/2017

Well, that's different...

Celebrity fashion is a weird thing. If you've ever watched a red carpet event you'll know what we're talking about because you'll ever see an outfit and think 'aw that's cute' or be thinking 'wtf thought that was a good idea to go out in public in' which is exactly what Demi's latest fashion choice left us thinking. 

This week, while at the Jingle Ball, before showing off her amazing voice on stage, Demi got the world talking for a whole other reason...*if you hate double denim look away now*

Demi showed off her legs in a pair of denim chaps with a matching suspender belt and Jacket while also wearing a black bodysuit underneath. 

While Demi 100% pulled off the look, we can't really see it becoming a fashion trend anytime soon, but hey, atleast you'd be ready to go for a swim in a second wearing it, replace the bodysuit with some togs and you're away!