Attention cheese lovers: eating cheese daily can be good for your health!

trending 05/12/2017

You know every once in a while when a study comes along and you read the headline and you're like 'yep, Imma live by that now'? This is likely one of those times right?

A new study has found that the holy grail of all lactose foods - cheese - could be beneficial for our health. 

According to the research from Soochow University in China, eating 40g of cheese a day could minimise your chances of developing certain coronary heart diseases by up to 14%.

The study reached this conclusion after evaluating 15 different research pieces from across Europe and the US, all of which tracked the diet of over 200,000 people.

Those working on the study believe that while cheese is a high-fat food, the calcium in the cheese actually stops the body from absorbing most of the fat.

The fatty-acid in the cheese is also said to help arteries avoid becoming blocked. 

But STOP, don't start your cheese-only diet now. It's important to remember that 40g isn't that much cheese (unfortunately). But hey! Still pretty good news!