70 percent of people say they can hear this silent gif

trending 11/12/2017

Gifs are short, silent animations and basically NEVER have sound. Okay? Never. That's why it's weird that people reckon they can hear this one.

It's a gif that is usually accompanied by a few crying faces to show how distressing they find the experience.

The gif, created by Twitter user Happy Toast, has resurfaced again after a scientist put out an appeal for help understanding why people hear a noise.

If you can hear it, you're not alone. The same scientist also did a poll to see how many people can 'hear' the gif. 

So...WTF we hear you asking. 

Our perception of sound can be influenced by visual information in other ways. The McGurk effect, shown in the video below shows how your brain can be tricked into hearing different things based on the visual information you are perceiving at the time.

But is it possible for visual stimulus alone to cause people to hear sound? Short answer: Yes. 

However, it could also partly be down to the power of suggestion. I.e. you are hearing the sound because the caption above the gif is implying that you should.

So bascially there's a whole lot of sh*t going on so you're just gonna have to sit back and enjoy the weirdness of all this.