You can now smell like your fave liquor with this new deodorant

trending 10/11/2017

Well, we never thought this would be something we'd be adding to our wish-list...

Party animals rejoice - you can now smell like your fave spirit thanks to this new booze-scented deodorant. No heavy nights necessary.

Pit Liquor in Colorado have developed a whiskey-scented deodorant, and the idea actually makes sense when you think about it. We all know alcohol kills bacteria, and bacteria is what causes our smelly pits - it's just science really!

Pit Liquor's deodorant is natural and toxin-free, composed of entirely safe and consumable organic ingredients - so it's actually good for your body too.

It comes in three scents at this stage: Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla and Whiskey Black Pepper, and it's pretty too!

The bottles all contain actual sprigs of lavender, slices of vanilla bean, whole cloves, and whole peppercorns. Arrowroot powder is used to help with long-term dryness, and it even includes vodka to neautralise odour!

Well we guess it's off to the (online) shops instead of the bars this weekend!