Toy Story 2 is no longer the highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes

It would have to be an amazing movie to beat Woody and Buzz!

If you're looking for a good movie to watch, the best place to start looking is Rotten Tomatoes. If you havn't heard of it before they are one of the biggest movie reviewers so you know if they say a movie is good, it must be good.

Since 1999, Toy Story 2 has been the best reviewed movie on their whole site which is a pretty big deal. Of 163 reviews, Toy Story 2 had an average rating of 8.6/10 giving it the perfect 100% score.

A new film has just come out called 'Lady Bird' which has knocked Andy and his Toys off the number one spot. The film has so far had over 170 reviews and averaged 8.9/10!

If you're not sure what 'Lady Bird' is all about, the film focusses on a nurse trying to keep her family afloat after her husband loses his job and the relationship she has with her daughter.