The kid from Stuart Little is going on a new dating show

scandal 21/11/2017

We'd say if you had the hots for him now's your chance, but that's just weird...right?

One of our favourite movies as a kid was Stuart Little. Now we're a little older though, that movie was weird asf, who adopts a mouse from an orphanage? imagine having to introduce a mouse as your brother.

Now 27, Jonathon Lipnicki, is looking for someone else to fill the mouse sized whole in his heart. He's teamed up with a new show in the U.K called 'Celebs Go Dating' where, as you probably guessed from the name, he goes dating.

 An insider close to the show told The Sun:

Jonathan is a huge name for the programme and show bosses are delighted to have him. As a kid he charmed audiences with his cute persona, now he’s hoping to charm them in a different way find love.

No word yet on if the show will be coming to NZ but if it's got Jonathon in it, we wouldn't say no to having a watch.