Samsung savagely roasts Apple in new ad

Samsung has taken Apple back 10 years and ‘left them there’ in a new adverting campaign.

The advert follows an Apple fan upgrading their handset over a 10 year period, poking fun at various gripes and issues iPhones encounter.

The ad picks up on the lack of storage on the 16GB iPhone 4, it goes to bring up the whole iPhone 5S’ 4-inch display and compares it to the 5.5-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Then in 2016 hits out at Apple for its failure to add water resistance to their model. It touches on Apple’s controversial decision to ditch the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 models and makes a point of highlighting the fact the Galaxy S8 offers customers wireless charging, something the iPhone 7 didn’t.

Finally, the ad ends with the man walking past Apple fanatics queuing for the latest handset and shakes his head as he does so.

The ad has plenty of people talking, with many enjoying how ruthless it is while others suggest Samsung should sue Apple.