One of the Backstreet Boys is the latest to be accused of sexual assault

scandal 22/11/2017

Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter has been the latest celebrity to be accused of sexual assault. 

This week Melissa Schuman, a former pop star and member of Dream, wrote a detailed post about when Carter invited her over to his house in 2002.

Melissa, who was 18 at the time, had just starred in a movie with Nick when he invited her over for a 'casual hangout' when it all went down. 

In her blog, Melissa talked about how they began to make out but she said:

I didn’t want to go any further,” but he didn’t listen and he didn’t care.

Melissa went on to discuss what took place after, you can read her full post here.

Nick Carter hasn't yet commented on the accusation but we'll keep you updated as soon as he does.