MAFS NZ Andrew accuses woman of blackmail after releasing Tinder messages

scandal 08/11/2017

Well this just keeps getting more and more awkward...

As if there wasn't enough drama going on for the MMAFS NZ stars on the show, Andrew has gotten himself into some hot water after some of his Tinder messages were released online by Mo (who goes by the surname Meaux on Facebook) saying:

So get this: last night I was hanging out with friends who watch Married at First Sight. I was half-paying attention when one of the contestants caught my eye, because he looked suspiciously like a prick who sent me abusive, racist and misogynist messages on Tinder in 2015.

At the time Andrew apologised saying: 

It has come to my attention that you have received some rather nasty messages on a Tinder exchange I had with someone two years ago, I'm so embarrassed and ashamed.

I would take it back if I could, but as I deleted my all dating apps ages ago I can't apologise to the individual in person. I hope everyone can forgive and forget as I'm a new man these days.

Now it seems Andrew had more to say behind closed doors though. Mo has shared another conversation with Andrew after the messages were released with him accusing her of blackmailing him:

Mo spoke to Stuff about the new messages saying "It's mind-boggling that someone could be so clueless and ignorant. And then he tries to cover his tracks by saying he isn't 'a bad guy"