KJ Apa opens up about his car crash and falling asleep at the wheel

scandal 06/11/2017

Remember back to September when we all got the fright of our lives...

It was reported that KJ Apa, after working a 14 hour day on the set of Riverdale, was involved in a car crash after falling asleep at the wheel in Vancouver.

At the time everyone thought the show's schedule was to blame but, in an interview with Esquire, KJ is taking full responsibility.

That was just a one-off accident, and it was a mistake on my part.

I should have pulled over and gone to sleep instead of battling my way home. But I learned from it. It was a blessing in disguise. I came out unscathed, and I thank God that I'm OK — it could have been a lot worse.

KJ obviously heard the rumours that their long days and work schedule was to blame, but he's said nothing has changed since the crash.

The schedule didn’t change. It's still a requirement for the actors to drive to work, which is fair enough. The crew works longer than we do, and they have to drive back and forth to work every day

It puts things in perspective for actors on other shows; when you're driving home, you've got to be mindful and make sure your mind's right and that you're not tired. 

I was really lucky the production was there for me and helped me the whole way, which made me feel looked after.