Kim Kardashian's birthday wish for something super boring came true

scandal 21/11/2017

Kim Kardashian's 37th birthday was in October and although it was a while ago, she's still been thinking lately about what the ideal birthday present would have been. 

Kim recently appeared on Ellen and gushed about what she really wanted for her birthday...

As she revealed what it was, she also acknowledged that it's a small, simple thing and mannnnyyy people definitely don't relate with her in wanting to do this.

For her birthday, Kim Kardashian wanted to go grocery shopping.

"This might be really bratty and unrelatable, so I'm sorry, but I asked for — I said, 'Can someone rent out Ralph's for me, for one hour?'"

It turns out it's been years since Kim's been able to go to the grocery store! 

And of course the supermarket chain heard about this and told him she can shop to her heart's content. She was stoked: