KFC release bath bombs in Japan, so you can smell like fried chicken 24/7

trending 03/11/2017

KFC Japan has launched a finger lickin' good bath bomb, giving fans the chance to soak in hot, fried chicken-scented water.

It's being released in collaboration with Village Vanguard - the same retailer that previously released soup-scented bath bombs - as a special, limited promotion.

Only 100 KFC drumstick-shaped bath bombs are being given away via the official KFC Japan Twitter account.

The lucky 100 recipients will get the bathing product, along with a red and white KFC-branded box and a coupon for a 'secret combination' pack of chicken.

It's not the first time KFC Japan has put its famous 11 herbs and spices to use in a product designed to be smelled rather than eaten.

Fried chicken lovers previously went wild on social media over KFC-scented sunscreen, flavoured lip balm and candles.

The bath bomb promotion runs from November 1 - 15.