Jordan Mauger to represent NZ in The Bachelor Winter Games

scandal 10/11/2017

THE bach from season 2 of The Bachelor NZ - Jordan Mauger - will represent New Zealand on the international Bachelor stage, it has been confirmed by the creator of the show. 

He will star in The Bachelor Winter Games, a new spinoff of the dating comp set to air in 2018.

Mike Fleiss, US creator and producer of The Bachelor, confirmed Mauger’s participation in a tweet sent overnight. “Meet Jordan, #thebachelor from New Zealand,” he wrote, “He is just one of many international cast members competing in The Winter Games…”

The Bachelor Winter Games has been described by network ABC as “an ode to The Winter Olympic Games.” The show brings together previous contestants from across the world to compete in winter sports. 

Mauger and winner Fleur announced their separation 24 hours after the finale of the show.