How Rihanna is being honored in her home country Barbados

scandal 30/11/2017

This is our new dream, become so famous they name a street after you. 

The Government of Barbados announced this week that they're officially changing the name of the road that riri grew up on.

The street, which was previously called 'Westbury New Road', will now we know as 'Rihanna Drive' which, even though that's super cool, it's feels like a missed opportunity...surely they could have called it 'Shut Up And Drive'... 

What makes this honor extra special for Rihanna is this isn't just a random street going up in a new sub-division.

The street being renamed is the exact street that she lived on while growing up. Rihanna lived their for 16 years before moving out, her family no longer lives their also but it has definitely turned into a tourist attraction - especially now the street's named after her too!