Disney reveals who'll play Mulan in new movie

scandal 30/11/2017

We can't wait for this! 

At the moment it seems Disney is remaking all their old classics. We're not complaining though, we're always up for new Disney movies, especially when it's the Lion King or in this case, Mulan.

If you didn't get to watch Mulan as a kid, which tbh we don't know how that would be even possible, but it's all about the daughter of warrior Fa Zhou, who pretends to be a man so she can take her fathers place in the Hun invasion and pretty much becomes to most badass hero ever (place it's the reason McDonald's made their szechuan sauce).

This week, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it was announced that Chinese actress Liu Yifei, a.k.a Crystal Liu, has been given the lead role in Disney's new live-action adaptation of the film.

Liu is one of the biggest actresses in China right now so it's no surprise she's been given the task of bringing Mulan to life. Along with acting, Liu is also a bit of a singer having put out two albums so she'll be great when it comes to singing throughout the film.

The new film will also be directed by New Zealand's very own Niki Caro so how could it be anything but amazing!?

The film is expected to come out in 2019 with filming reportedly starting next year.