Couples spend 132 hours a year deciding what to eat says new study

trending 20/11/2017

Turns out you're not the only one always struggling to choose somewhere to eat!

A new study of 2,000 people, conducted by 'Seated', found out how often couples ask the question we're all use to "What do you want to eat?"

The study found 37% find it hard deciding on somewhere to eat and end up asking the question 365 times a year or 6.67 times a week.

Which adds up to about 2 hours 32 minutes a week (or 132 hours a year) just trying to figure out what to eat...going by those results, you'd think we love asking the question, even though this is how it makes us feel:

Emily Law, creative director at Seated said:

As the results of the survey show, people tend to deal with unnecessary battles by just trying to come to terms with what type of food to eat.

The study also found most couples find it hard deciding what to eat because they don't like going to the same place twice. 

Most (69 percent) don’t like to keep going to the same familiar restaurant and are regularly interested in trying new places and different types of food.

So next time you're struggling to choose something to eat, our advice is to just pick the first thing that comes to mind because look how much time you could end up saving!