A sex toy advent calendar is here to spice up your Christmas

trending 01/12/2017

Know anyone who'll want to be on this naughty list?

With Christmas almost here it's finally acceptable to start playing Christmas songs around the house, put up the tree and decorations and start your advent calendar (or 4th in our case...)

This year though it's not just a chocolate a day you can be enjoying because someone has decided to take things to the next level. Introducing...the sex toy advent calendar:

The new advent calendar is here all thanks to Lovehoney and even though December has just started, people are already loving it. The calendar currently has five star reviews with one customer saying:

This product was purchased to ‘spice’ up the bedroom - well it’s not even the 1st December and the temperature has risen significantly!

So now you've got some choices for how you want to lead up to Christmas, for us though, we might just stick to those little chocolates.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan