'Toy Story' voted best Pixar movie by internet

trending 27/11/2017

Ok so Toy Story is 18 years old now and if that doesn't make ya feel old, we don't know what will.

We're sure you don't need confirmation that Toy Story is the best movie ever but in case ya do, we're here to tell you that it has been voted the best Pixar film of all time.

And that's quite a feat because it was up against other classics like Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and Up!

The film took out the top spot on Ranker, a website where people of the internet can cast votes with no time limit, changing the results of lists in real time.

Of course it tops the list. It may have just been a kid's film but it changed animation and cinema in one swoop.

And of course Toy Story will always rank #1 in our hearts.