'High School Musical' is being turned into a TV show

scandal 13/11/2017

Getcha head in the game because the Wildcats are back!

According to Variety, the new series not only will premiere on Disney Channel but will also be available on Disney's new streaming streaming service they're starting up in 2019. 

So far there's been no word as to whether or not we can expect to see any of the original cast members in the new series plus when will it take place? the last HSM came out 10 years ago, could we expect Chad to be the new coach of Wildcats? or will it start the year after Troy and Grabriella leave? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

What we do know however is that HSM isn't the only Disney movie getting a TV Show. Variety also reported that a live-action Star Wars TV series and a Monsters Inc. TV Show are also in the works.

Who else can't wait till 2019?!