You can visit Riverdale's Pop's Diner IRL!

trending 31/10/2017

We've got some exciting news for Riverdale fans - you can go visit Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe and dine like your favourite characters in real life!

Rocko's is a real life diner in British Columbia, open 24 hours, where the pilot episode of Riverdale was filmed.

And because we aren't the only ones OBSESSED with this show, they've even done an overhaul of their menu to cater to the Riverdale fans. You can sit down in the classic diner and order burgers, fries and special Riverdale shakes including:

  • The Archie - strawberry apple pie flavoured
  • The Jughead - jolly rancher flavoured
  • The Betty - banana caramel pecan flavoured
  • The Veronica - cherry cola flavoured

And if you're over 19, they even have boozy shakes YAAASSSSSS!

Rocko's Diner AKA Pop's Chock'Lit Shoppe is located about an hour from Riverdale's filming lot in Vancouver, which understandably is a bit of a drive for the crew, so they decided to build their own customised diner on the lot.

So Rocko's was actually only used for one episode, but we're ok with that - those shakes sound amazing, especially if we get to sip on them in the same diner as all our faves have. 

BRB, just heading to Canada...