Why Married at First Sight NZ's Bel lost friends because of the show

scandal 03/10/2017

If you're up with your reality TV, you probably recognise 25-year-old Bel. She was a contestant on The Bachelor NZ and now she's back on our screens on Married at First Sight NZ.

But it hasn't all been smooth sailing. Bel told Newshub while she was "going a little bit insane" in the lead-up to her wedding, but her friends calmed her and kept her "really grounded".

Not all friends were so supportive though, with the Christchurch-born beauty telling Woman's Day magazine this week she was been ditched by some of her closest pals when she entered the reality show.

They told me I was stupid and that they didn't agree with it

"They've left my life now. This has cost me some very good friends  well what I thought were good friends."