Has the Riverdale Killer's identity been on IMDb this whole time?

Looks like someone f**ked up...

All that time reading through different theories, and talking to your friends about who shot Archies dad...yeah, turns out it was all a big waste of time.

 Fans found after looking on IMDb that there was a character in season one's finale called 'Gunman' and obvs there was only one gunman we can remember from that final episode.

The actor's name, listed playing the 'Gunman', is Jay Clift: 

Photo credit: IMDb

Could this be 'The Angel of Death'?

While Jay's name was in last season Finale, it hasn't appeared under the cast of any epsiodes in Season 2 so was he just a fill in for the role until they properly wrote a storyline for the shooting?

We'll have to wait and see...

SOURCE: Girlfriend.