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These are items you should never put down the sink

trending 06/10/2017

It's easy but washing food down the sink is nooooot ideal when it comes to plumbing.

From blocked pipes to huge bills, chucking waste down the plughole can lead to problems in the long-run — especially if you have a waste disposal unit.

Experts at Good Housekeeping Institute have revealed a list of the items you should never wash down your sink, even if you do have a device that disposes of waste.


Celery is fibrous and, if you have a waste disposal unit, the strings will likely tangle around the blades and can lead to a clogged up sink.

For the same reason, asparagus and corn husks should also be binned.


Oils, fats and grease can slide into your pipes and become congealed. This makes "fatbergs" which are huge masses of fat mixed with a whole bunch of other crap that can wash up on beaches.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds may be small, but they can easily build up and cause a huge sludge-like mess in your drain.


And stray pieces of pasta should be chucked in the bin as when rinsed down the drain water can cause them to swell and potentially cause a blockage.

Potato peel

Potato peelings should never, ever go down the sink — so take extra care when rinsing your chopping board.

Even with a waste disposal unit, the peels can cause a sloppy mess, and the same goes for beans and other starchy veg.


Even if they make it down the drain, bones will likely get stuck in the drain and cause a blockage — even if you have a waste disposal unit.

Bones are far too resilient to be broken down this way, and it could damage your unit.