There's a potato chip shortage in NZ and we honestly don't know what to do


OMG not news we need to hear. 

Foodstuffs has confirmed it is "having challenges meeting demand" for potato chips, after recent wet weather dealt a blow to crops.

However, the good news is that this shortage will likely only last a new weeks.

"It is anticipated new season crops will be harvested in the next few weeks so supply is likely to settle down then."

Notices went up at Pak'nSave supermarkets warning people that there may be trouble stocking potato chips. It went on to say the shortage will likely last until the new year.

Potatoes New Zealand chief executive Chris Claridge said there was a shortage of crisping potatoes.

"Potato crisps use a particular cultivar of potatoes and they predominantly are grown in the Horowhenua, Matamata and Pukekohe areas.

"About 15 per cent of the total crop goes into crisping and we've got some shortfalls until the new season crisping potatoes become available to the processors – they should start to get supply around about January [or] February," Claridge told

Potatoes were grown from Northland to Bluff to ensure year-round supply.

"We're about 20 per cent behind on planting across the country because of the wet weather," Claridge said.

The availability of potato chips in the lead up to Christmas was dependant on "the rate at which people eat them".

Table potatoes were also in short supply.

The country suffered a similar shortage in 2014, which was blamed on bad weather affecting crops.