Study reveals how much exercise we should be doing to live longer

trending 05/10/2017

Ok so most of us know we're probably not doing enough exercise but now there's a number on it.

A new study says that the answer is 150 minutes per week as a minimum.

The research also showed that everyday activities - like cleaning your room and biking to work - are just as beneficial as organized workouts when it comes to meeting that goal. 

Ultimately, people who regularly exercised at least 150 minutes per week had a 28 percent lower risk of death. Which is nothing to scoff at!

People who exercised significantly more than that, at least 8 and a half hours, had an additional 20 percent lower risk of death. 

It sounds like heaps but remembering that simple tasks that work up a little bit of a sweat like vacuuming or walking can alllll help add to it and add possible years onto your life!