Sam Smith opens up about his gender identity

We love you even more after this Sam!

Gender Identity can be a hard topic for some people to talk about but Sam Smith has taken time in a recent interview with The Sunday Times to talk about his gender identity and sexuality. 

People don't know this, but when I was 17, I remember becoming obsessed with Boy George and Marilyn, and all that. There was one moment in my life where I didn't own a piece of male clothing, really. I would wear full make-up every day in school, eyelashes, leggings with Dr Martens and huge fur coats, for 2.5 years.

While being asked about what gender Sam identifies with, he flashed his two venus symbol tattoos and said:

No. I mean, I've got these tattoos on my fingers. I don't know what the title would be, but I feel just as much woman as I am man.