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Prince William shares Prince George's favourite Disney movie

scandal 18/10/2017

There's just something adorable about knowing that Prince George loves a Disney movie. And it turns out that one that he enjoys is one of our faves, too!

While visiting with children on board a Belmond British Pullman train during a Charities Forum event, Prince William revealed what his son's on-screen favourites are.

"He quite likes The Lion King. He's watched that a few times," Prince William shared with a youngster on the train. Additionally, according to his dad, little George enjoys The Octonauts on BBC and is a fan of the Lego movies. 

Nawwww! It turns out the little guy is just like any other little one when it comes to TV. As his dad noted, "Trying to keep him off the television is hard work."

Would ya say that George's favourite movie is a hint that he.................... just can't wait to be King, perhaps??? GET IT.