New Fifty Shades book will be from Christian Grey's point of view

scandal 11/10/2017

EL James has announced Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as Told by Christian!

 The new book will retell the previous Fifty Shades of Grey story from a different perspective.

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Set for release in November, it'll retell her 2012 novel from the point of view of the titular billionaire, rather than his submissive partner Anastasia Steele.

"I do hope you enjoy it," James said in an Instagram post.

The Fifty Shades franchise, which began as 'mommy porn' Twilight fan-fiction, went on to make James the fastest-selling author in history. It also spawned a film trilogy, with the two movies released so far making collectively more than $NZ1 billion at the global box office.

This is the second time that James has rewritten a novel from the franchise after 2015's Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian.

Like every book and film in the series, it was savaged by critics but enjoyed significant commercial success.

SOURCE: Newshub.