Mcdonald's trials 'phone lockers' so people actually have to talk to each other

scandal 17/10/2017

Can you remember the last time you got food without having your phone with you? yean, we can't either. 

But to try get people to put their phone's down while eating, Mcdonald's in Singapore have introduced 'phone lockers'. 

The lockers have a key so that you're able to feel safe leaving your phone while you dig in to your big mac combo. The question is though, is it working? well consindering that everyone's using their phones to take photos of the lockers instead, it's hard to tell. 

This all comes after a recent survey from Mcdonald's Singapore found 72% of children and 69% of adults use their phones while eating. Should we get these in Maccas around NZ?

SOURCE: Metro.