MAFS NZ's Ben defends himself after episode airs: "that was NOT 'poor Aaron'"

scandal 31/10/2017

Recent episodes of Married at First Sight NZ brought more drama to our screens. We saw 'home visits' and the couples were thrown into each others lives to mix and mingle with friends and family. 

Ben and Aaron have been showing signs of strain since their wedding day and the last couple of episodes show us nothing too different. The couple ended up having an argument after Ben went out partying without Aaron and didn't let him know where he was or when he'd be home. Aaron confronted Ben and told him his concerns about communication and whether he should drop everything in his life to be with him or not.

Aaron left in tears after the blowup but ended up apologising to Ben later. 

Well, it appears there may have been some feedback going on online about this apology, as Ben has felt the need to address some things about these eps in a post on his Facebook page.

Writing on his page, Ben started: "Good morning everyone. I’m sure we all have a bit of food poisoning after eating another half cooked chicken last night. I’ve come to learn editing doesn’t let the truth get in the way of a good story right, so here it is."

He goes on to say that the show wasn't a true reflection of how the argument actually went down and that people shouldn't feel sorry for Aaron for apologising to Ben afterwards:

Aaron has previously defended Ben - chatting to Jono, Ben and Sharyn he spoke about how Ben doesn't deserve to be bullied online. Watch from 4mins below:

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