MAFS NZ Lacey reveals why she left Luke on their honeymoon

Eeeek! The cocktail party on Married at First Sight NZ sure was an awkward one. 

The couples were whispering as Lacey showed up alone - with Luke arriving later. It didn't look good for the couple.

Lacey rushed off to the toilets, clearly upset, where she told the other girls that she found out that the only reason Luke went on the show was "to get famous". That's not an ideal thing to hear once you're married to the guy, right!?

Luke eventually confronted Lacey, asking her what was wrong. She told him what she'd discovered and he denied only going on the show to become a famous comedian, saying he may have said it once or twice as a joke. As Luke apologised and told Lacey he wants to drop the 'joking act' and show her his real emotions, Lacey continued to steamroll him with her points, seeming not to listen to him as he laid out his weakness.

Not too optimistic about the future of these two...but...ya never know! 

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