Kmart design fail looks like spiders in bed rather than stars

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night, thinking your bed was covered in spiders...yeah, that sounds like our worst nightmare.

That was exactly the case for a dad in Australia. His wife, Taylah Devaney, posted on Facebook to tell the story of her husbands near heart attack. Taylah and her husband bought a new blanket, that during the day looked like it was covered in stars, but at night turned looked like it was covered in spiders...

"Tonight my husband put our daughter to bed, turned on the monitor & went to sit down, Out of nowhere he jumped up with a panicked look on his face & raced to her room".

After asking what has scared him so much, he said "See that pattern on her blanket? I thought it was a big black spider in her cot!"

The post has already got over 2.7K reactions and we can see why, that blanket would scare the sh*t out of us too.