KJ Apa has accidentally offended Canada

scandal 18/10/2017

KJ Apa is killing it on Riverdale but it looks like he's become a bit less popular in Canada where he is staying at the moment.

The ex-Shortland Street star has been living in Vancouver, British Columbia where he is filming Riverdale.

But in a new interview on Live With Kelly and Ryan, Apa revealed that living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest isn't quite the full package, the Daily Mail reports.

When he was asked about living in Vancouver, Apa said: 

"The food's really good. The only thing is when you're there for a long time, it can get kind of boring. The city's not the biggest city in the world and everything shuts kind off early as well."

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He went on to say that early closing times actually could be a plus given his schedule. Apa has previously described the city as "beautiful" but his recent comment has upset fans who have hit back at him on Twitter.

Others, however, thought he...kinda had a point tbh...

However, by his own admission KJ has previously described himself as too busy to get up to much exploring, saying that his busy schedule has even kept him from having a girlfriend.