Ingrown hair Instagram account is the new Dr Pimple Popper

If you're one of those special people who love Dr Pimple Popper videos, then we don't need to explain the appeal of them to you. 

If you're one of those others who don't...then you probably don't want to see these videos. And that's ok too.

To some, there's something so awfully satisfying about watching pimples get popped or hairs get pulled. So, we introduce to you the Tweezist Instagram account, which shows ingrown hair extractions and nothing else.

With no scalpels, blood, or pus involved, things don't get incredibly graphic or gross in Tweezist's extraction videos. This may be why the account is so popular already.

It's gross but it's also hard to look away.

As explained by the anonymous creator of Tweezist in a post, most of the ingrown hairs come from her own legs.

The account got so popular that Tweezist was forced to solicit help from her followers in order to add official credits to her posts. Videos that were once watermark-less, now have an "instagram@tweezist" stamp across the middle.

It's not always leg hairs that get the action though. A few Tweezist posts show the ingrown hair whisperer plucking beard hairs.

Now, get watching, ya weirdos ;)